Friday, 22 August 2014

Feeling neglected

Sorry for not updating the blog as regularly as I should do...

A few shots from a project I've been working on the past few weeks. Have had a multitude of problems trying to import from Revit and ultimately ended up having to sack off the file link in favour of bringing it in as simple .fbx geometry.

Try not to get too excited though, they are only speculative offices on an already heavily industrialised site. I have uploaded the original 24 megapixel renders, but the blog appears to have resized them. I shall try to do some detail crops soon.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Stressful times...

Been a while since an update which is something of a recurring theme here it seems, so I thought I'd just post something to let you know I am still very much alive and well; just extremely busy with various 3D projects.

I'd wager that given the current workload we are definitely coming out of a recession, and fast. That is of course provided nobody does anything to mess it up; yes Putin I'm looking at you.

On a side note I've recently got the office to invest in Railclone Pro and quite frankly I don't know how I've managed without it before; the sheer number of hours put down to working out stairs, handrails and so on..!

Sorry this isn't much of an update, merely a bit of a ramble but I shall endeavour to get some more images and projects uploaded here as soon as I can.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What's going on?

Well, obviously given the time away from the blog I suppose it would be good practice to wish everybody a very merry christmas, and also a very happy new year...